So the past week I had a pleasure of spending my Sunday afternoon in a room filled with phenomenal women, whose spark actually lit up my fire…I had goosebumps and at some point emotional at how wonderful women are and if we are all for each not against each other we can conquer the world…
Being in a room filled with kindred souls can only be described as Magical…thank you so much to the organizers for the session I needed this and looking forward to the next one
#Bloom #womeninspiringeachother #GetStarted #PassionvsPurpose #Woman’smonth

Skin Care

Growing up I’ve never had a problem with my skin so I never really used any facial products and my mom often gives me a lecture of how its gonna affect me as I grow older and I need to start using something for my face. Well I tried shopping around for products that I can use and I was left in awe when I looked at the price tag and I was like there’s no way I’m paying that much for something I can live without and so I opted for homemade products and so every now and then I cleanse and exfoliate.

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Fashion Eye: Diesel Junky

I must say I’m a Diesel junky! well I fell in-love with Diesel many years ago when I was still at school as they had the only jean cut that could fit┬ámy body shape since then I became a fan!!

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